Case Cassini

CASE CASSINI is a Farmhouse with gastronomic experience farm to fork.

It is a place of warm old traditions and peaceful experiences where to reconnect to the unspoiled nature and yourself.

Its location is a real uniqueness as it combines both the rural, at Case Cassini itself, and the urban, as many different amusing cities are located within distance from there.

The smell of the clean air, the view of the valley and the sea beyond, the sound of the nature combined with the taste of the local delicious cuisine, make Case Cassini a memorable full sensory experience.


The Cassini family that has lived in Negi since the start of last century is the beating heart of Case Cassini: the recently renovated accommodations, the Osteria which serves local dishes using exclusively homemade ingredients and delicious pizzas and bread, baked in the old wood oven, together with a wide selection of wines stored in the family cellar and much more besides, will turn a straightforward holiday into a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Osteria du Barba Pe'

Simple, local but creative cooking, locally produced raw materials, homemade ingredients, tradition meets innovation: the recipes of Nonna and Zia plus  the arrival of a talented young chef, the family wine cellar, the wood oven, the indoor & outdoor location: under the stars, during the summer, between the historical walls, during the winter.

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