Roman village
Case Cassini

Case Cassini is an agritourism complex located in the heart of the region of Liguria, between the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Sea. It is situated in Negi Fumei, an ancient Roman village a few minutes from Seborga, historically famous for its claim to be an independent Sovereign Principality.

Located at an altitude of 500 metres with a breathtaking view over the valley that stretches as far as the sea, Case Cassini is the perfect blend of nature and the city. The clear air, fruit trees and uncontaminated woods give way, a few kilometres down into the valley, to stunning Bordighera, close to the French border, and fashionable Monte Carlo and, in the other direction, to the beautiful little towns of the Ligurian coast and hinterland.

The Cassini family that has lived in Negi since the start of last century is the beating heart of Case Cassini. Our recently renovated accommodations, the Osteria which serves local dishes using exclusively homemade ingredients, including bread and delicious pizzas baked in the old wood oven, together with a wide selection of wines stored in the family cellar and much more besides, will turn a straightforward holiday into a unique and unforgettable experience.


Case Cassini
Your Farmhouse

Case Cassini is a farmhouse with gastronomic experience

It is a place of warm old traditions and peaceful experiences where to reconnect to the unspoiled nature and yourself. Back to reality, back to yourself.

Its location is a real uniqueness as it combines both the rural, at Case Cassini itself, and the urban, as many different amusing cities and locations are located within distance from there.

The smell of the clean air, the taste of the local delicious cuisine, the touch of worn hands by hard work and experience, the view of the valley and the sea beyond and the sound of the nature make Case Cassini a memorable full sensory experience.